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Tea Stained Photo Journal: Ikon’s Floating Boats

One of my favourite places to be in Birmingham is Bridleyplace. This is the area that surrounds part of the Birmingham Canals, a microcosm of its own modern making. Here you can find countless shops, restaurants, pubs and cafes. And although it may seem strange, a cinema hides in the corner of The Mailbox as Read More

3 of the Strangest Tourist Attractions in Exeter, UK

Exeter: a hub of dusted-off antiquity, well-nurtured religion and the home to quickly developing eateries. With seven National Trust sites and a handful of action-packed festivals (which range from food to gardens and anything in between), this underrated city in the south-west of Britain has a wealth of tourist attractions pulling people from all over Read More

Tea-Stained Photo Journal: Cliff Faces and Rock Groynes

The fresh, steady breathing of the sea scraping on pebbles. The scent of salt and unbedded seaweed. Running your hand over eroded handrails and dusty cliff edges. It’s a cold winter day as I walk down the cracked promenade of Sidmouth, a small coastal town in Devon. I’m only here for a weekend to visit Read More

Tea-Stained Photo Journal: The Cultural Aspects of a British Christmas

Christmas is celebrated in a different way in every country: in Egypt, Christmas day is on the 7th of January, served with a hearty helping of lamb soup. In Costa Rica, tropical flowers are used to decorate houses instead of lights; and in France, a few drops of wine are spilt onto a yule log Read More

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