Month: February 2019

A Micro-adventure to Ghent: An Architectural Concoction

When it comes to following a map, there are two types of people. Type A: those who will follow a map and get to the desired place immediately. Get there as soon as possible; the end. Or, type B: those who will start with the intention of following the map- but what’s that over there? Read More

Tea-Stained Photo Journal: Birmingham’s Dazzling Chinese New Year Celebrations

We’re a five-minute walk away when we first hear the drums. It echoes intensely down the street, the sound of a quickening heartbeat. We walk faster just in time to see vibrant dragon tails dancing through the entrance of The Arcadian. They wriggle through the entrance in time to the music, enlarging crowds following close Read More

Tea Can Help You Experience The World – And Here’s How

For those of you who know me, it’s probably very obvious why I named this blog Tea Stained Passports. I brainstormed quite a few names for this online space, and all of them had the same gist to them. However, for those of you who don’t know me personally (hi, thanks for reading!), let me Read More

8 Tips To Help You Survive Coach Trips

Travelling by coach isn’t always as easy as it may seem. I have been travelling by coach or bus for the past three years. Five days a week I wake up early in the morning to catch a bus for an hour to get to work. To see my Dad, I need to catch a Read More

Tea-Stained Photo Journal: A Frosty Time Capsule

Winter scintillates. Everything is covered in a dusting of ammil, everything is locked in time. Snowflakes press onto windows, and tiny, furry fingers of frost stretch out from leaves, car bonnets, lampposts. The sound of crunching footsteps and the harsh, slap of cold on skin makes everything seem clear and real. Because let’s face it: Read More

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